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  • Used for measurement of small current, small charge or time constant for RC experiments. Rotary switch of extremely high insulation resistance (>500GΩ) is employed to select resistors or capacitors, to discharge the capacitor or leave them open. Typical half times for this unit, for the built in 1nF, 100GΩ or 100nF, 1GΩ RC pairs, are from 67 to 71 seconds against theoretical values of 69.3 seconds.

    Professional electrometer IC; input leakage current for amplifier guaranteed less than 25fA. Built in moving coil meter, analogue outputs available for dataloggers or external meter. Input resistance over 1TΩ. Selection of 1nF 1% or 100nF 2% capacitors. Selection of 10MΩ 1%, 1GΩ1% or 100GΩ1% resistors. x1 and x10 gain switch provides the decades between the built-in resistors. Charge or current tabulated on a table on front panel for easy reference, measurement range from 1pA to 100nA, 0.1nC to 100nC.

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    • Bullet Point 5 year warranty
    • Bullet Point Reliable performance
    • Bullet Point Reproducible results
    • Bullet Point Versatile specifications
    • Bullet Point Safe to use
    • Bullet Point Unique, compact design
    • Bullet Point Robust build quality
    • Bullet Point Sealed ‘easy touch’ switches
    • Bullet Point Stackable
    • Bullet Point Wipe clean
    • Bullet Point Safe on/off switch
    • Bullet Point Carry handle
    • Bullet Point CE marked
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Technical Specification


  • Input: UHF socket, supplemented by a 4mm socket for negative input.
  • Input resistors: 10Mñ 1%, 1Gñ 1%, 100Gñ 1%
  • Input impedance: Over 1Tñ
  • Measurement ranges: 1pA to 100nA , 0.1nC to 100nC
  • Power supply: 9V PP3 Battery, alkaline battery recommended
  • Dimensions: 208 x 155 x 115mm (W x H x D).
  • Height including handle is 187mm
  • Gain selection: x1 or x10 - selected by toggle switch
    1V auxiliary output is provided for data-loggers.

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