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Lab Coats from International Scientific

Lab coats are ideal for use when handling dangerous substances in laboratories, as it minimises the risk of exposure from an accidental spill on your clothing or skin. The durable white lab coats add an extra layer of protection that prevents hazardous solutions from coming into contact with you that may either cause burns or other adverse effects.

The white lab coats range from International Scientific provides a comfortable and effective barrier that ensures a perfect fit and defence for any wearer.

Ensure Maximum Safety in the Laboratory

The splash-proof polyester / cotton blended material incorporated within our lab coats ensure that contamination of your regular clothing or skin with harmful substances is kept to a minimum. The classic design of our white lab coats ensure that any spillages are easily identifiable, in order for immediate action to commence either on the wearer with a first aid kit, or for any spill area using a spill kit.

The unique nature of this fabric blend also boasts stretchable properties that easily adapts to the body, making it breathable and lightweight. Laboratories can be warm, so having lab coats made out of a fabric that reduces the chance of sweating will make working more comfortable.

With an impressive range of sizes being stocked from 38 inches to 44 inches, you can be rest assured that our lab coats will fit the wearer comfortably. The white lab coat's larger side pockets have space to hold all the necessary tools for your work, such as your tongs, chromatography paper, or safety goggles. The breast pocket included on all of our lab coats is for your convenience as it will keep the most important gear close to hand, so your work can be efficiently carried out.

Enquire with International Scientific Today

Here at International Scientific Group, we want to ensure that laboratory safety is a top priority, whether in a classroom or in a professional laboratory, which is why we are always committed to providing the highest quality products in our entire laboratory equipment range.

If you wish to know more about our collection of white lab coats or other protective laboratory clothing, you can get in touch with us by phone on 01366 385 777. Alternatively, you can email us or fill out our quick and simple online form. Our team is always happy to help and looks forward to assisting you.