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Vinyl Gloves

The laboratory environment can be hazardous for your hands so having the right protection for the substances you handle in the laboratory is essential. Vinyl gloves have an added polymer that increases their ability to stretch and provide a different function than latex gloves.

Our vinyl gloves are ideal for an environment where you handle acids, oils, fats, bases, peroxides, and amines. The polyvinyl chloridecomposition, or PVC, has good resistance to abrasions and allows for a better protection of your hands.



Durable Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves have the same protection function as latex gloves but if you’re looking for a latex-free solution, vinyl gloves are a completely allergy-free option. Their neutral effect allows for any wearer to safely use them without any effect on the skin.

They offer great protection between germs and blood pathogens and, if your laboratory work doesn’t require many precision movements, the slightly wider fit won’t compromise your work’s efficiency. With the ambidextrous design you won’t lose time by looking for a glove for each hand.

The beaded cuff feature helps improve the gloves’ tear resistance; they can withstand punctures, tears, and stretches, which enables a morehygienic environment. Any droplets of liquid that travel down your hand will be caught in the cuff, which also prevents the gloves from rolling back when you wear them.

Our disposable vinyl gloves are lightly powdered and they come in small, medium, and large sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for every hand. The packing brings 10 cartons, each with around 100 clear white gloves, plus or minus a pair. 



Find Out More About Our Disposable Vinyl Gloves

At International Scientific Group we endeavour to offer several laboratory protection equipment options at the highest quality. Gloves are designed in a wide variety of materials and sizes for various functions, and we have latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves for all needs in the laboratory. Get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01366 385 777 and we’ll happily help you find the best solution.