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Download ISG Software, User Manuals and Videos

As part of our ongoing support at ISG we are pleased to offer our customers an ongoing selection of useful downloads. These include videos, user manuals and our unique Edu-Logger software. Please feel free to save or print copies of our downloads where appropriate. Applications such as the Edu-Logger Software will need to be downloaded and saved onto your computer, then installed in the usual manner by double-clicking the downloaded file.

  • Manuals
    • Edulogger New Manual
    • Edulogger Guides
    • Microscience Worksheets
  • Software Downloads
    • Edu-Logger Software PC
    • Edu-Logger Software - Mac
  • Specification Sheets
    • Edulogger Worksheet - Lie Detection
  • Edulogger Suggested Uses
    • Edulogger Biology Suggestions
    • Edulogger Chemistry Uses
    • Edulogger Uses Physics