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  • This Edu-Logger™ module enables a fast connection of the sensors to the computer. It operates with OSX, XP, Vista and Windows 7-10.


    The USB module is the first in a chain of sensors connected to a USB port of the computer. It provides both power from the computer to the sensors and communication between the computer and the sensors.


    The connection to the computer is done by using a standard USB – mini USB connecting cable (camera type). This cable is provided with the USB module.

    • Bullet Point Converts the measured parameter into a processed value (°C, °F, Lux, dB, mA, V, etc.)
    • Bullet Point Sends the data in digital form to a viewer unit, any kind of computer or tablet
    • Bullet Point Saves up to 5 experiments in its flash memory
    • Bullet Point Calibration is done by pressing a push-button
    • Bullet Point Changing ranges and gains is done through software
    • Bullet Point Experiments run with or without a computer
    • Bullet Point Saved experiments in the Logger Sensor can be uploaded to a computer at any time
    • Bullet Point The modular plug and play system allows the connection of sensors in a chain, in any order
    • Bullet Point Each sensor is in itself a full data acquisition system
    • Bullet Point Unbeatable value for money
    • Bullet Point Robust hardware and attractive design
    • Bullet Point Very simple operation
    • Bullet Point No cable clutter and therefore a very simple construction of experiments
    • Bullet Point System allows wireless connection
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