• Waterbath, 14 Litre Unstirred Thermostatic Bath complete with Stainless Steel Perforated False Base

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  • Clifton Analogue Thermostatic Baths
    These Clifton analogue water baths are designed for
    general use and are economically priced without
    compromising quality. For temperatures above 60°C a lid
    is recommended. This range of baths will operate at
    100°C but are not designed for continuous boiling and
    NE1B range is recommended. View full details

    • Bullet Point Temperature range ambient +5°C to 100°C, thermostat control.
    • Bullet Point Controls feature an illuminated on/off switch, heater on" indicator and temperature dial. Every water bath is calibrated at the factory at 45°C for consistent temperature control in use.
    • Bullet Point Heating element, safety cut-out and temperature sensors concealed underneath tank providing a totally clear ´clutter free´ working area making it also easy to clean.
    • Bullet Point Stainless steel 304 spec bath contained within a sturdy body.
    • Bullet Point Body powder-coated paint finish having good chemical and detergent resistance.
    • Bullet Point Anti-bacterial paint finish that inhibits the growth of bacteria.
    • Bullet Point Easy clean controls.
    • Bullet Point Side lifting handles for ease of transportation.
    • Bullet Point Stainless steel perforated false base
    • Bullet Point Stainless steel perforated removable base. Clifton ‘low height‘ shelf maximises working height in the tank.
    • Bullet Point Larger water baths (22 & 28 litre) have a large bore drain outlet, accessory tap can be fitted for convenience.
    • Bullet Point Accessories available including racks and lids, recommended above 60°C.
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Technical Specification


  • Carries CE mark.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Service and support: in the UK.
  • Power supply: Mains 230V AC 50-56Hz.
  • Option of 120V AC 50-60Hz models Safety Class: 1
  • Temperature range: Ambient +5°C to 100°C
  • Sensitivity/stability: @45°C : ±0.5°C
  • Internal Dimensions (W x D x H):
    2.5L – 230 x 130 x 150mm
    4L - 300 x 150 x 150mm
    8L – 300 x 240 x 150mm
    14L - 325 x 300 x 150mm
    22L - 500 x 300 x 150mm
    28L – 500 x 300 x 200mm
  • External Dimensions (W x D x H):
    2.5L - 270 x 190 x 240mm
    4L – 332 x 185 x 290mm
    8L – 332 x 270 x 290mm
    14L – 361 x 332 x 290mm
    22L – 538 x 332 x 290mm
    28L – 538 x 332 x 290mm

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