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  • "The Edu-Logger WiFi module is without doubt one of the most advanced and innovating elements of the Edu-Logger datalogging system. Measurements with Edu-Logger sensors can be performed through any device which uses the Wi-Fi technology, such as iPadsĀ® and Tablets with Android, PC computers with Windows / Linux or Macintosh with OS. These can all communicate with the Wi-Fi adaptor to begin a unique experience of data acquisition. There is no need for any application download or software installation to take advantage of all the power of Edu-Logger sensors through the Wi-Fi module. Experiments can be performed and controlled by one central device and other devices can connect to display the results.This sensor can also be plugged into the USB socket on any PC/Tablet and be used as an alternative for the Edu-logger USB module

    *A Battery Module is required when using the Wi-Fi module

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    • Bullet Point Wi-Fi Connectivity
    • Bullet Point Can also be used instead of a USB module
    • Bullet Point No software installation required
    • Bullet Point Can be viewed & controlled from any Smartphone, iPad or Android
    • Bullet Point Unlimited viewers
    • Bullet Point Experiments can be controlled from a single user while other view experiment and setup.
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Technical Specification

How to change the Edulogger Wi-FI Module from Wi-Fi to USB mode

  • Simply press three times on the Wi-Fi module button. The orange LED should light up. You can now connect the USB cable using the standard USB input on your PC and the input on the top of the module.
  • To return to Wi-Fi mode press the button three times and the blue/green LED should turn on.

How to release control on the Wi-Fi module without using the program

  • Hold the Wi-Fi button down continuously until all three LEDs are lit up.  This resets the module and allow control to be taken bt another user.


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